February 2016

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SCIENTISTS could be about to announce that they have observed gravitational waves, or ripples in the fabric of spacetime.

Scientists could announce 'ripples in fabric of spacetime'

"Its the time waves i am waiting for.."

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MALCOLM Turnbull has released the 2016 Closing the Gap report card, which shows limited progress in raising the life expectancy of Indigenous Australians.

PM: Indigenous Australian life expectancy hasn't improved

"Dont worry, because under turnbull, corporate profits will improve..."

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THE Immigration Department is moving to offer asylum seekers on Manus Island alternatives to a anti-malarial drug known to cause or exacerbate mental issues.

Manus Island asylum seekers given controversial malaria drug

"Its handy that we have this government run concentration camp to experiment on refugees..isnt it ?"

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A ROARING summer holiday trade in Woolgoolga has sparked questions in the town about some businesses staying open on public holidays.

To open or not to open? The public holiday debate continues

"It's a free world they can open if they like,long as they pay proper award wages ,then what's..."

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HOW much would you pay for a jar of some of the world's freshest air? And where would you want it harvested from?

Air harvesting could be our freshest new industry

"Can I market my farts ?"

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THE Assad regime is killing so many detainees in Syria that it now amounts to the crime against humanity of "extermination", a UN report has found.

Syrian regime 'exterminating' its civilian population: UN

"With help from France, Russia, America and isis. .."

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THE New South Wales Government has been labelled short-sighted over a plan to unlock new coal seam gas reserves to local mining companies

NSW restarts CSG battle it just lost to provide local gas

"Australia is the largest gas producing nation in the world without csg ,so it's extreme nonsense to say..."

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HOME-SCHOOLED students are outstripping their counterparts in mainstream schools in reading, writing and numeracy, a review of NAPLAN results for NSW shows.

Home schoolers beat mainstream students in NAPLAN testing

"It's time home school students received the same funding as public school students from governments."

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<strong>UPDATE: </strong>W.E. Smith Engineering management and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union take a step forward during today's negotiations.

Union wants full access to W.E. Smith's finances

"Good to see the much maligned unions in action protecting workers entitlements. All we hear is bad..."

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PROTESTERS gathered at the Coffs Harbour Jetty this morning to rally against the deportation of almost 270 asylum seekers back to Nauru.

Coffs Coast protests against Australia’s off-shore detention centres

"Well done to these people for highlighting the evil cruelty of this government..."

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