November 2015

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A SURVEY of nearly 600 Muslims in Sydney has found they experience discrimination and abuse at a rate that's three-times higher than all other Australians.

Muslims in Sydney cop 3x the abuse of all other Aussies

"at least they arent raping and molesting children like the other mob...."

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SEVEN months before Tony Abbott was removed as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull offered Scott Morrison the job of treasurer, according to a report.

Knifing Abbott? Media has to shake it off, says Treasurer

"backstabbing is a way of life in both major parties it seems, despite the liberals lying and ..."

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THE Fraser Coast is bracing for an expensive summer with energy bills on the rise for the majority of Queensland households.

BILL SHOCK: 62% of households report increased power bills

"wait till the loony libs get their 15% gst on it...."

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WOODFORD Folk Festival organisers have lifted the lid on a secret they have managed to keep for three years.

Woodford Folk Festival's three-year secret revealed

"Love to go ,but way to expensive.."

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THE Turnbull government is examining the potential for cutting superannuation tax breaks for wealthy Australians so it can deliver an income tax cut.

Turnbull may slash super tax breaks for an income tax cut

"The bottom end of super needs serious reform as well,presently we have people working part time paying..."

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SEVERAL measures set to be implemented on the Pacific Hwy at Valla to improve safety for all road users.

Action to be taken on Valla stretch of Pac Hwy

"The highway should have been finished years ago,it's the national all parties fault it isn't, And why..."

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THE Plantation Hotel has been named the most violent pub in NSW, but management says safety remains the number one focus.

Coffs Harbour venue named state's 'most violent'

"Where did star city Casino come this year ?"

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INCREASED road safety measures along key points of the Pacific Highway is on the state government’s agenda after a two-person fatality at Valla Beach on Friday.

Member for Oxley demands safer roads

"the liberal party and national party always pretend that didnt happen."

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AUSTRALIAN universities have been quick to promote their commitment to sustainability, but slow to divest their fossil fuel investments.

Mining links prevent unis from divesting in fossil fuels

"our education has to free from industries demands and wants. the right wing model of privatisation and..."

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THERE are those who through a combination of ignorance, fear and intolerance seem determined to play right into the hands of the extremists.

LETTER: Panic about terrorism now or use your brain?

"thats what abbot wanted when he got us involved and stirred the pot"

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