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BALI BECKONS: Ana Raines is looking to give up smoking after the latest price rise.

Price rise means habit could go up in smoke

SMOKERS have another good reason to quit the habit – it’s a lot more expensive.


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brianbarry321 - Maroochydore

As an asthma sufferer who struggles to breath after taking in a bit of tobacco smoke I think the price should have gone up 100000% or maybe even a lot more. Price them out of existence and we will all be better off.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Tamika Terare is looking for a job at a time when youth unemployment is at 17.6 percent. Photo: Mike Knott / NewsMail

Youth under-employment at highest level in decades

NEW research has revealed under-employment of young Australians has hit its highest level in nearly four decades.


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DickHoward - Warwick

If youngsters could leave school and get apprenticeships and other experience, there would be jobs. We cannot all be sitting with pretend University qualifications at a desk in an air-conditioned office on a big salary doing nothing in particular.

(From left) Morayfield State High School school captain Elle Malone, principal Janelle Amos and Member for Morayfield Darren Grimwade examine some of the school's maintenance needs. Uneven pavers are a problem at the school. Photo Jorge Branco / Caboolture News

Morayfield School gets $1m upkeep funding

MORAYFIELD State High School principal Janelle Amos has welcomed almost a million dollars in funding to take care of maintenance issues including asbestos.


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diggerjones1 - Cairncross

Well done LNP gettin it done. Please try not to get anyone killed while removing the asbestos. We don't want a pink batts thingy now do we

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