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COMFORTABLE CHOICE: Kate Williams with her autistic son Charlie, who will be attending Tewantin State School next year.

YOUR CONVERSATION: Do we need more support for ASD kids?

DO SUNSHINE Coast schools do enough to cater for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?


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flower36 - Australia

The cause for my son to have ASD appears to be in part hereditary.. My father should signs of this condition and as children we could see that he struggled with some social norms. So for me it has nothing to do with what jabs hes had or what drugs he...

GUTTED: Investment property owner Garry Peters is incensed after his experience with a “tenant from hell” who has left him out of pocket and with a huge clean-up. PHOTOS: JOHN MCCUTCHEON

Tenants from hell ruined my life: Landlord

A “TENANT from hell” has left Sunshine Coast man Garry Peters heartbroken and facing a monumental clean-up after a two-and-a-half year ordeal.


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shazzybee - Warwick

I rent my property out privately,,, through the RTA,,,, we have landlords insurance and the SAME rights and LEGAL options as any real estate! You just need to be very on top of things!!! Get onto problems straight away!!!


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