Kiwi debt fugitives owe $250m

HUNDREDS of Kiwis facing financial ruin have fled NZ, leaving a quarter of a billion dollars in unpaid bills behind - and they can't be forced to pay the money.

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Sorry old son wrong Cosgrove. Not our GG. Australian bankruptcy laws are just as weak with being able to be discharged in a couple of years. The whole situation needs to be changed with no discharge until all debts paid. As for the two dollar Companies...

gagin02 from Ballina


Google Glasses.

Google Glass on sale next week

GOOGLE will make its controversial internet-linked Glass eyewear available for purchase for a limited time in the United States beginning on April 15.

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Can't wait for them to come to Australia, followed swiftly buy a whole new lot of nanny legislation that will make wearing them almost impossible.

robert352 from Millbank


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